I actually had interviewed 3 other attorneys to handle my divorce 2 years ago. All 3 of those people clearly had an agenda to maximize their running their billings up. I told them all individually on separate interviews, you’re not listening to me and I’m the one paying the bill. I got a referral from a friend to go see Kevin Schmid, so I met with both Kevin Schmid and his associate, Kevin Jones. They listened. The key point is, I consider them friends. They are helpful. They did things in a very professional manner. Minimized the cost. Minimized all situations involved to be as painless as possible. Straight forward is the key word. I have mentioned their names on several other occasions to people looking for an attorney and said if you don’t go see those guys, you’re screwing up. I consider Kevin Schmid and Kevin Jones cordial friends. I respect their professional judgment, and their professional demeanor is exemplary. I have nothing but absolutely positive things to say about them.