I actually had interviewed 3 other attorneys to handle my divorce 2 years ago. All 3 of those people clearly had an agenda to maximize their running their billings up. I told them all individually on separate interviews, you’re not listening to me and I’m the one paying the bill. I got a referral from a friend to go see Kevin Schmid, so I met with both Kevin Schmid and his associate, Kevin Jones. They listened. The key point is, I consider them friends. They are helpful. They did things in a very professional manner. Minimized the cost. Minimized all situations involved to be as painless as possible. Straight forward is the key word. I have mentioned their names on several other occasions to people looking for an attorney and said if you don’t go see those guys, you’re screwing up. I consider Kevin Schmid and Kevin Jones cordial friends. I respect their professional judgment, and their professional demeanor is exemplary. I have nothing but absolutely positive things to say about them.
Kevin Schmid is by far the most amazing attorney I have ever seen. His staff is just as impressive and absolutely friendly and helpful. I seriously cannot say enough good things about this practice. Kevin honestly does this for the kids and what is in their best interest. His track record alone speaks for itself.
We could not be happier with where the Lord has directed our life over the past few years, and we know that none of this would have been possible without all of your help. Please know that [our] family thinks of you and prays for you often, and will never forget the kindness and compassion that you showed us during the most difficult season of our lives. We sincerely hope that you look at our family and know that you have made a lifelong difference in the lives of two very sweet boys! You gave us the ability to be a family, and for that we are so thankful.
I wanted to reach out to all of you and express my sincere THANK YOU for everything you have done to help me this past year. I know it is your job but you have all been compassionate and supportive through this very difficult and painful time in my life. Kevin – I wanted to especially thank you for helping me in court. I felt very weak and vulnerable during court and you were so supportive and patient and helpful. It helped me get through a very, very hard day.
First, I wanted to express [our] genuine appreciation for your handling of this entire matter. We both feel very fortunate to have landed in your care when we needed help and for you to respond with such short notice. From day 1 when you arrived at the court building to represent us as interveners and to witness your interaction with the judge, I knew we were in the right hands.
A jewel in a long week of contested trials. Janice Schattman and Kevin Schmid tried a very difficult child custody case with as much class and professionalism as I have ever witnessed in 19 years as a trial judge. Both represented good parents, they admitted almost 300 exhibits into evidence without objection, they demonstrated the very best of our profession in their respective examination and cross‑examination of witnesses and they treated one another with a level of respect and professional that makes me proud to be part of the Tarrant County legal community. Their professionalism saved their clients a fortune in legal fees and related costs and made my job a pleasure rather than a task. Thank you Jan and Kevin. – Judge Bill Harris

I would say I have no words to express my gratitude, but that would be a lie. As you know, my problem is, I just have too many. I cannot stop thinking about how you have saved four lives, and how beautifully you did so. Several nights in a row, I awaken thinking about what a gift you have. I described our trial as “beautiful” to a friend who is a probate lawyer, and she said, “I’ve never heard court described as beautiful!” I explained that is was beautiful because you brought out the truth and made it so plain.

I knew you were good, but I had no idea HOW good. From the very beginning, you made me feel calm and assured, but you were never boastful or inflated. You never gave me a false sense of hope. Until the day of the trial, I could not imagine the work behind the scenes that you must have been doing. The fact that YOU KNOW ME, is what really gets to me. For someone like me, feeling understood is massively important. When you explained to me that you did not go over how you were presenting the case in detail with me until that day, because you knew that I would know it too well, I began to understand you and your gift. When you walked me to the courtroom to show me the path I would take to the bench, and told me how each part would unfold, I wanted to cry. YOU KNOW your clients. So often lawyers are portrayed as money hungry, ambitious go getters who just want to win a case. I never imagined that a lawyer would take such care of a client. I had no idea. You were there for me in every possible way. You were like a counselor, friend, and attorney all in one. It brings me to tears every time I think about it.

When it came time for the trial, I began to see the extent to which you had prepared. I know I sent you a ton of information, most of which I felt was irrelevant or would not make a huge impact. You kindly told me that in some cases. However, again, you know me. You knew I needed to tell my story and you knew I needed to know that we tried every angle. So, you found a way to weave ALL of it together. It must have been like putting together a thesis or dissertation. It was so beautifully woven together, and so perfectly structured. I’ve told several friends that watching you that day was like watching a great lion stalking his prey, weaving calmly, confidently, and silently through the tall grass, undetected, and then attacking. Your calm intensity was simply amazing and beautiful. You did not miss a beat; you did not miss a point. When I missed something, you found a way to bring it back, like when the opposing counsel asked me if I thought [the other party] had a problem with marijuana. I didn’t know what to say, but you fixed it so beautifully. Not only did you know me, but I think you knew my ex husband better than either of his lawyers, and probably better than his own parents in some ways.

You have a gift, and you have skills of a master. Once I was off the stand, I sat in awe watching you work. As a teacher and performer, it was fascinating to watch—like attending a performance by a master musician or watching a master artisan create. It was beautiful. Your calm, reassuring face shifted to this intense, game face as we entered the courtroom. You were intensely focused and had a plan for every scenario.

You are doing God’s work. Seeing you, knowing how you work, I can tell that you understand the calling on your life; you see there is a greater purpose than just self. As an educator, watching you execute skills you have meticulously perfect and play the role you were clearly born to play, was exhilarating. You are using all of your talents and skills to help people. You save lives. You give people back their lives. You protect. You give hope and a future. I have heard lessons and sermons where Christ was described as our lawyer, our defense attorney. On Wednesday, I completely grasped that analogy. You were there for me. You were defending and protecting me. You knew your client as well as you possibly could, and you were doing everything you possibly could do to get the right outcome.

You are a beautiful soul, Kevin Schmid. Absolutely beautiful. Every day, I find myself in tears over what you have done for me and these three little people that I love so much. These tears aren’t just because “we won,” but because of how hard you work and how much you clearly care. And if we had not won, I would have left there still totally amazed by your skill, talent, dedication, and compassion. I would feel no differently about you than I do right now, because I know what you put into my case.

Kevin, I can’t thank you enough. What a gift you have been. Occasionally, you cross paths with a soul, and God allows you to see its beauty, and you are changed. It is an amazing thing. Not only were you a great lawyer, but I got to see such a beautiful soul and I am better for it. As I read back through this, I know I have barely touched on the gratitude and joy I have for and because of you. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for fighting for me and my little ones. Thank you for doing everything you can and for your years of hard work to refine your skills so that you can give hope and protection to so many. I can’t imagine there are many in this world like you, and I’m so grateful you were my representation. I am so thankful to have seen the beautiful person you are. Thank you.

With love and gratitude.

First, I wanted to express [our] genuine appreciation for your handling of this entire matter. We both feel very fortunate to have landed in your care when we needed help and for you to respond with such short notice. From day 1 when you arrived at the court building to represent us as interveners and to witness your interaction with the judge, I knew we were in the right hands.
Thank you for everything! Don’t know how you manage it all, but so thankful you do!
I have always meant to tell you how much your professional honest; fairness and excellent representation provided me the hope and inner strength to continue seeking the truth. You are a special attorney. I have concluded that there are many lawyers but few attorneys. Those very special individuals who in my opinion are not only true Officers of the Court but they listen, care about their clients, and are fair in all respects. They are the same virtues that provided me that spark of hope, knowing that there was a wrong and finding someone that could help in making it right.
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help, Kevin. You are a great attorney and a great person.
First, I wanted to express [our] genuine appreciation for your handling of this entire matter. We both feel very fortunate to have landed in your care when we needed help and for you to respond with such short notice. From day 1 when you arrived at the court building to represent us as interveners and to witness your interaction with the judge, I knew we were in the right hands.
Thank you again for all that you did for our family. Without your help I truly don’t think [our son] would be where he is today.
Overall, I am so pleased with the outcome of the case. I’m troubled by the fact that she put me through all of this emotional and financial trauma, but feel vindicated as a father. Thanks to you, Curran, Susan, and Melissa for your patience, wisdom, and guidance. I have never been so scared in my life.
Many thanks to the BEST legal team in the whole world!
There is literally no dollar amount that could define what [you] have done for our family. We would gladly pay you for the rest of our lives! We have thanked God so many times for giving us such an amazing legal team to represent our family. Whatever the ending dollar amount may be, it won’t be enough to express how much we owe you guys. We love y’all!
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and advocacy. I realize something so simple turned into something so complicated and time consuming. I truly feel your involvement made this process so much easier!
Thanks, you guys continue to save the souls and funds of the other clients.
I was very pleased with the representation, and I have already referred another coworker to you. I appreciate Kevin’s assertiveness in dealing with my ex husband, because I know he views me as a “pushover.” This helped to get the favorable outcome for me.
You are my lawyer for life! You and your wife are amazing! Thank you so much for taking this case and fighting for the best interest of my daughter! I really appreciate the care, follow up, and action plan you created and intense help and attention you brought to every detail of it all.
Thank you for helping with a very difficult time! I appreciate all you did.
Last week I got to tell my brother, sister, brother in law, and parents what a great job Kevin did. My family was very happy with the outcome.
Never thought this day would come! We cannot thank you and Melissa and Kevinenough for how hard you have worked on our case!
Thank you again for your continued support and help. I truly am grateful – you have helped more thank you know.
I just wanted to say thank you for 4 nights of the best sleep that I have had since this ordeal has started. Thank you Kevin from sticking with me from the beginning. I really appreciate you and all that you have done for me and that you did not give up on us. I appreciate you and your staff (especially Melissa) very much.
You and the rest of the associates have been very helpful and gracious!!! I can’t thank y’all enough, the second time your firm has really helped me out of a pickle!!!
You’re AWESOME!!
I know we haven’t won yet but thank you for yesterday. You were awesome!
Would you please let everyone know how proud and impressed I am of everything you three do? I have never met such amazing people and I’m honored to have met all three of you. Susan, thank you for being so kind, and keeping that plant alive. Let Kevin and Melissa know how much I look up to them. You guys are seriously amazing!
I have to say I am very impressed with Mr. Schmid’s bio! I could not have picked a more perfect attorney if I’d have looked forever and I am so thankful I was directed to him. Thank you for all your hard work in the preparation of my documents.
For what it’s worth—and as you may know, I do very little nowadays in the family law area—I want you to know I hear super things about you, your abilities and your overall integrity. I offer your name to folks as a rock solid choice in family law and sincerely wish for your continued success.
Tell Mr. Schmid thank you for everything. He’s a good lawyer and man.
I can’t say enough great things about the handling of my divorce. I would recommend Kevin to anyone.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I appreciate your mercy and grace.