We represent individuals who are seeking to enforce child custody, support, property division and other divorce orders. We also represent those who have been accused of violating an order. A divorce decree is not just a binding legal document, it is a court order. A party’s failure to comply with certain terms of the decree can give rise to a legal cause of action, a suit to enforce the court’s order. Failure to respond to an enforcement action can have serious negative consequences including fines, changes to the divorce decree in favor of the other party, and even jail time. If you receive notice that you are accused of being in contempt of court for violating the divorce decree, it is critically important to seek immediate legal advice. Ignoring the notice can have serious negative consequences, including fines, removal of visitation or child support privileges, and a warrant being issued for your arrest.

Enforcement actions as contempt of court are used most commonly when one parent is not paying child support or refusing to allow scheduled visitation time. Child support or child custody enforcement actions between parents often quickly spiral out of control into hotly contested litigation. Early legal advice from the attorneys at Kevin J. Schmid and Associates regardless of which side of the enforcement action you are on can save both time and financial resources. More importantly, early intervention may allow you to engage in constructive planning with the other parent, rather than litigation.